Meet Pinky

 Pinky McKay IBCLC Lactation Consultant


Pinky McKay has seen more boobs than the late Hugh Hefner.

As an IBCLC lactation consultant and one of Australia’s most respected breastfeeding experts, Pinky’s work is inspired by her passion to see every mother with a baby in her arms and a smile on her face.

Pinky founded Boobie Foods in 2012 after visiting thousands of new mothers who were suffering the effects of stress and low breast milk supply.

“I had been giving out my lactation cookie recipe to clients for years. But no new mum has time to bake – they barely have time to shower.

Her goal? To nourish breastfeeding mothers as they nurture and nourish their babies.

Pinky is also a best-selling author of four titles including Parenting By Heart and Sleeping Like a Baby.

Pinky’s no-nonsense approach, along with a blend of humour, sharp wit and wisdom, makes her the go-to breastfeeding and parenting expert for national media and network TV.

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