Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We get asked loads of questions about our Boobie Foods, so we have bundled them all here. We hope you find them helpful.

What are Boobie Foods?

Boobie Foods are functional foods created specifically for postpartum and breastfeeding mothers. Our foods are packed with natural wholesome ingredients that are designed to boost your milk supply while you do the amazing but exhausting job of breastfeeding your baby. Using modern science and traditions from cultures and countries around over the world, our lactation foods allow breastfeeding mothers to be nurtured and nourished while they nurture and nourish their breastfeeding baby. All Boobie Foods are 100% Australian made and packed.

How do Boobie Bikkies work?

Our deliciously fresh and moreish Boobie Bikkies have been crafted from carefully selected natural elements to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby. They are a delicious snack that you can easily eat with one hand and are individually sealed for maximum freshness and convenience - so just ‘grab and go!’. As everything you eat will be passed through your milk to your baby, Boobie Bikkies are intentionally made to be as close to nature as possible. That means, no preservatives, no additives and no ‘unhelpful’ factors that may upset your baby (like chocolate). Boobie Bikkies will not only satisfy your appetite, but delight you at this same time, whilst boosting your energy levels and supporting you as you nourish your baby. Remember, you cannot fill from an empty cup, so our Boobie Bikkies are the perfect accompaniment during your breastfeeding journey.

How does our Boobie Brekkie Toasted Muesli work?

Breakfast is the most important meal but often the hardest for a new mum to manage. And, if you miss breakfast, you could be setting yourself up for a day of struggle. On the other hand, if a mum eats a nourishing breakfast, she can get a boost that will support her milk supply and maintain her energy levels through the day. There are nutrients that have a significant impact on your own health, postnatal recovery and breastfeeding such as iron, zinc and Omega 3 Fatty acids. They can easily be obtained through eating a nutritious breakfast. Boobie Brekkie - our delicious all natural, toasted muesli, is packed with essential nutrients that are important for postnatal recovery and a healthy milk supply. Like Boobie Bikkies, Boobie Brekkie is intentionally made as close to nature as possible. We use only all natural, whole food ingredients with no artificial preservatives or additives. Boobie Brekkie is dairy, wheat, egg, yeast and sulphate free, vegan and rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are important for your baby’s brain development and your own wellbeing. As your baby is exposed to foods through your own breastmilk, with Boobie Brekkie, you can be sure that whilst you are nourishing your own body, you are also providing your baby with the purest delight of all.

How does our Boobie Broth work?

Based on a research project with nutrition experts at Victoria University, Melbourne, Pinky’s Boobie Broth has been created by International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Pinky McKay, and a team of nutrition professionals and Food Scientists.

Late afternoon is such a common time for your blood sugar to dip – it has even been named ‘three-thirty-itis’- so you reach for caffeine or something sweet.  However, this only gives you a temporary ‘hit’, and you are left even more depleted as it wears off.  And, if your afternoon snack is loaded with additives, this can potentially upset your baby and contribute to a frantic evening for you both.

Instead, our chicken and vegetable lactation bone broth powder Boobie Broth, makes a delicious, sustaining afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ and is a perfect postnatal recovery and breastfeeding support food to boost your milk supply as you breastfeed your baby.

Boobie Broth has been nutritionally formulated from certified organic chicken bones and vegetables that are cooked gently for 18 hours to release essential nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is then blended with specially selected lactogenic plant ingredients (galactagogues) that have been shown by research to encourage a healthy breastmilk supply, whilst bone broth has been shown to support gut health and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Simply add to a cup of hot water, relax and sip a satisfying cup of nourishing Boobie Broth, whenever you feel like a boost.

I am anxious about my milk supply, what can I do?

If you have concerns about your milk supply it’s important to seek help from an appropriate health professional such as an IBCLC lactation consultant who will take a history, trouble shoot and support you through breastfeeding challenges. These can range from baby issues such as poor latch, ineffective sucking, tongue tie, low oral muscle tone, to maternal health conditions such as breast surgery, retained placenta, postpartum haemorrhage, PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid conditions and insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) or lifestyle issues such as alcohol and smoking or birth control pills. For effective tips to boost your milk supply, you can download our Free ebook ‘Making More Mummy Milk, Naturally’ by IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Pinky McKay. Download our FREE ebook “Making More Mummy Milk, Naturally’

How many serves of Boobie Foods should I eat a day?

Serving suggestion is 2 per day. This could be a combination of Bikkies and/or Brekkie/Broth. Most women eat one or two Boobie Bikkies a day, others eat more and some women eat one serve of Bikkie/Brekkie/Broth just on busy days. Boobie Bikkies are individually wrapped so will stay fresh once the pack has been opened. So feel free to eat one or both types of our foods throughout our day.

When should I buy and how should I store my Boobie Foods?

Boobie Bikkies are made from all natural ingredients and, to keep to our ethos of 'close to nature as possible', we don't use any preservatives or additives in any of our foods. This means no nasties will be going to your baby through your breastmilk. Boobie Bikkies are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and convenience (just grad and go!). To make sure you are receiving the freshest Boobie Bikkies, please consider purchasing when you are close to your due date, or when you are ready to consume them, rather than too early. Also, fo the best shelf life, store bikkies in a cool, dry place. Our bikkies really dislike being exposed to prolonged humidity. So our tip is, if you live in the tropics, pop your bikkies in the fridge to help prolong their life.

Boobie Brekkie and Boobie Broth have a longer shelf life and can be purchased further in advanced.

When is the best best time to eat Boobie Foods?

There is no specific time to our foods, simply follow your natural appetite. However, Boobie Bikkies are individually wrapped so will stay fresh if you want to keep them next to your bed for a snack when you feel hungry after a night feed. And, at night your prolactin (milk making hormone) levels are naturally higher so this can be a good time to eat Boobie Bikkies and have a drink of water.

Are Boobie Foods safe to eat while pregnant?

Our Boobie Bikkies, Boobie Brekkie and Boobie Broth products are completely safe to eat during pregnancy. 

Our Boobie Teas have been crafted specifically for breastfeeding mothers and some of the herbs may have adverse effects if you are pregnant, so we advise avoiding Boobie Teas while pregnant and should only be consumed after birth.

Will Boobie Foods help my milk supply if I start eating them before I have my baby?

Your post birth hormones trigger your milk coming in (your progesterone levels drop), so we really don't know how helpful it is to start eating our foods before you have your baby. Antenatal expressing (and freezing small amounts of colostrum in syringes) can help avoid early formula, which can be the start of a slippery slope towards a delayed milk supply. Here’s some more information if you would like to consider expressing colostrum antenatally

Are there any additives in our foods?

We don’t use any additives in our foods. We use only natural ingredients. Each Boobie Bikkie is individually wrapped inside the box to maintain maximum freshness. Shelf life is 6 months from baking. We recommend you purchase your bikkies closer to the date in which you intend to consume them. Please store our foods in a cool, dry place to maintain optimal freshness. Our bikkies really dislike being exposed to prolonged humidity. So our tip is, if you live in the tropics, pop your bikkies in the fridge to help prolong their life.

Are Boobie Bikkies gluten/dairy/soy/egg/nut free?

We know so many people have sensitivities to various foods and we can’t cater to everyone, although we try to cover the most common allergens. We make a Gluten and Dairy Free variety of Boobie Bikkies, however there is a small amount of soy flour in the gluten free flour mix. Most mothers find their babies tolerate this. Our standard (Vanilla and Orange & Cinnamon) Boobie Bikkies contain butter, which, of course, is also dairy but as this is dairy fat, not protein, unless there is a dairy protein allergy, it may be tolerated without any ill effects. Because they are such an excellent source of protein that is necessary as part of a healthy diet to replenish your own body after growing, birthing and now feeding a baby, we use free range eggs (not an egg powder as in many commercial products). Boobie Bikkies recipes don’t use any nuts, but they are baked in premises that also bake products containing tree nuts. So, although our bakery is HAACP certified, so must comply with strict standards to eliminate contamination, Boobie Bikkies may contain traces of tree nuts. You can check out the ingredients here.

What are the dietary benefits of the Boobie Brekkie Toasted Muesli?

Boobie Brekkie may be a helpful alternative if you have some food sensitivities. After feedback from mums and much research and diligent work by our team, we have created a delicious all-natural, vegan and Halal friendly toasted cereal with no wheat, dairy, eggs, sulphate or yeast. Although, like Boobie Bikkies, we don’t use nuts in Boobie Brekkie, our bakery also bakes products that contain tree nuts and peanuts, so Boobie Brekkie may contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts or lupin. You can check out the ingredients here.

Do you use fenugreek or other herbs in your Boobie Foods?

Our foods don't contain any herbs or medications, just natural and organic whole food ingredients. Although many people recommend fenugreek to boost milk supply, there are a number of contraindications: if you are allergic to peanuts or chickpeas, you may also be allergic to fenugreek; fenugreek may exacerbate asthma; fenugreek can reduce blood glucose levels so isn’t suitable for women with diabetes and may cause reduced blood sugar levels in premature babies (through your milk); fenugreek can influence conversion of thyroid hormones so may cause issues with thyroid levels or conditions; fenugreek is also a uterine stimulant so is not recommended during pregnancy.

Why don’t you add chocolate to your foods?

Our foods have been specifically crafted to eat while you are breastfeeding. By adding chocolate, instead of having a contented baby, your could give your baby a belly-ache. The foods you eat pass through your milk to your baby and for some babies, sensitivity to some foods may upset your baby (but your baby is never allergic to your breast milk) According to our consultant dietician, even white chocolate contains amines (naturally occurring chemicals), so the chemicals in chocolate can make sensitive babies very unsettled or wakeful. Besides, we want our foods to be as effective and nourishing as possible so by adding a percentage of chocolate to the ingredients, we would be reducing the nourishing ingredients. If you want chocolate, just go and get yourself the very best chocolate you can find, try a small treat after you have fed your baby and see if it has an affect on your baby.

Do you have any Vegan products?

Our Boobie Brekkie Toasted Muesli is suitable for Vegans.

Do you have any products that are Halal friendly?

Brewer's Yeast is an ingredient that we include in our Vanilla flavoured Bikkies and our Orange & Cinnamon flavoured Bikkies. Whilst Brewer's Yeast itself doesn't contain alcohol, it is originally derived from alcohol. Our Coconut, Date & Seed Flavoured Bikkies and our Boobie Brekkie Toasted Muesli do not contain any Brewer's Yeast at all, and so is Halal friendly.

Where are your products available and how quickly do they arrive if I order online?

You can order any of our products (including a range of complimentary breastfeeding products) directly from our online store. All online orders are processed within 48 hours (business days) and sent by Australia Post or via Courier from Melbourne. We offer express shipping too, so you should receive your order within a few days of ordering. If you require them urgently or have any questions about an order, please email You can also buy our products from over 500 retailers across Australia, including Chemist Warehouse - please visit our stockist locator to find your closest retailer.

How does a Boobie Foods Subscription work?

If you order a Boobie Foods subscription online, we send you your chosen combination of Boobie Bikkies and/or Boobie Brekkie each month and charge you until you cancel your subscription. This is a cheaper and more convenient option than buying single boxes and means you won’t run out – you have so much to think about already. You can pause, resume, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. There is no obligation to sign up for a certain period. 

Are Boobie Foods made in Australia?

Yes! All our Boobie Foods, and the packaging that we use to hold our foods, are all proudly made in Australia. 

How do I contact Boobie Foods?

 If you have questions or need to check with us about your order, please email and we would be very happy to help you in any way that we can.