Boobie Bikkies Taste Testers

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Not sure about which flavour to choose, or want to give someone a sample of our Boobie Bikkies to try? Then grab some Taste Testers in one or all flavours.

What’s in a Taste Tester?

Each Taste Tester includes 1 x full size (30g), individually wrapped Boobie Bikkie of your flavour choice with a specific product description card that outlines individual ingredient and allergen information.

Flavours are:

Vanilla – A sweet and lovely vanilla flavour, with a gorgeous vanilla aroma with floral hints, our Vanilla Bikkies are definitely a crowd pleaser.

Orange & Cinnamon – With a delicate, subtle citrus note and an exquisite cinnamon aroma, our Orange & Cinnamon are the perfect alternative to our Vanilla Bikkies.

Coconut, Date & Seed (GF/DF & Halal friendly (not certified)) – Perfect for mothers and/or their babies that have allergies or sensitivities to gluten or dairy ingredients. With chunks of dates and seeds, and a fresh hint of coconut in flavour, aroma and texture, even our non-GF/DF mums love these.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stacey J.
They taste great, just wish

They taste great, just wish I'd get more of a milk supply.

Maria M.
Great tasting!

Bought the testers to figure out what flavour I would like best once I start my breastfeeding journey, loved all three flavours and will now put in an order for a box of each!

shanade h.
Really yum (vanilla and orange

Really yum (vanilla and orange flavors) and found them to be a really good snack but struggled to stick to the recommendation for 2 per day. Massive increase in milk. Reordering more today

Jasmin B.
Surprising yummy !!

I tried many different bikkies and didn't like them untikl now ! The cinnamon flavour reminds me of Anzac biscuits and who doesn't love them !. And the vanilla taste just like vanilla bean 10/10 for me highly recommend

Krystle V.
Great taste!

I tried each flavour before committing to a box of them. While all were good, the vanilla was my favourite!