Mums angry at nutritionist who says 'breastfeeding makes kids crave sugar'

An article from Nine Coach has been faced with backlash by the breastfeeding community this week. 

The article is about kids and sugar and the mention of breastfeeding has not gone down well:

"Sydney paediatric dietitian Hanan Saleh says the sweetness of breast milk sets up a taste preference from birth.

"This sweet liquid makes babies feel comforted and happy," she tells Coach.

"Warm feelings are created from a young age and that continues on into childhood."

Later in the article it is implied that this early exposure to the sweet taste sets children up for sugar addictions: 

"Babies have about 30,000 tastebuds – three times as many as adults – so anything they eat is a taste explosion. The fact they're exposed to sweetness from breastmilk and formula early means they really get the taste."

Lactation consultant and baby care author, Pinky McKay, slammed the comments as “bullsh*t”.

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