Mum Central: Best Breastfeeding Products 2022

Breastfeeding can be a tricky business. While you already have the much-needed boobs, a few clever products can make your breastfeeding journey a whole lot easier and way more comfortable for you and your tatas!

Many of us think we will automatically just know how to breastfeed our babies, that it will just come naturally. And to some, it is an easy progression. But for many it takes time. And sometimes that time of learning breastfeeding skills is a frustrating, tiring, unbelievably painful and self-doubting period to endure. And often, completely overwhelming for any new mum. But with practice, patience and some helpful accessories, it does become easier!

It’s important to remember breastfeeding isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Fed is best, after all – and there’s no shame in the feeding game!

Every mum needs a comfy breastfeeding station

It’s true, you can breastfeed your baby practically anywhere. But being comfortable makes a real difference, especially in the early days when you and bub are still learning and finding your breastfeeding groove! So what can you do to make yourself a sweet nursing nest or breastfeeding station? Here are our top tips below:

  • Claim the most comfortable and supportive chair at home as your own because you’ll be sitting in it a lot! Choose a chair that gives you great back support and that isn’t so deep that you can’t get out of it while holding your baby.
  • Invest in an armchair caddy or keep a box handy on a side table next to your nursing chair so that you have everything you need within your reach (very important if you’re home alone!).
  • Keep a nursing pillow close by to raise your bub to your breast – it will stop you hunching over too.
  • You could be feeding and remain nap-trapped for quite some time, so keep an extra phone charger next to your chair.
  • Breast pads, just in case you leak from the opposite side.
  • Burp cloths for any spitting up of milk while you burp your bub.
  • Place a lightweight blanket or throw on the arm of your chair just in case the temperature drops and you both feel the chill.
  • A book or magazine will help to keep you entertained. Nursing can be the perfect time to sneak in an extra cheeky chapter or two!
  • A water bottle because breastfeeding is THIRSTY work and you need to keep your fluids up to help keep supply up!

Now that’s your cosy breastfeeding station sorted, here are our top picks for best breastfeeding products to make your breastfeeding journey just that little bit easier!

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