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Feeding Friend

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Feeding Friend is a specialised, self-inflating pillow that instantly reduces the strain on your arms, wrists, neck, back and shoulders.

Feeding Friend’s unique wedge shape allows you to be at your most comfortable.
By sliding Feeding Friend, you can reposition your arm without having to strain your back. This will provide maximum comfort by reducing the load of your feeding arm.

We only keep Grey colour in stock.

Please read below to learn more about this neat addition to your breastfeeding gear.

Feeding Friend’s self inflating valve means you can feed your baby whenever and wherever you go!
Feeding Friend can be quickly and easily inflated or deflated. Quickly deflate Feeding Friend by unscrewing the valve, squeezing out all the air, and then screwing the valve to prevent it from inflating. Go to the park with your friends or have a coffee date with your mothers and when it’s time to feed your baby, simply unscrew the valve and Feeding Friend will start to inflate.

Feeding Friend’s storage bag allows you to maintain a neat and compact size for storing when not in use.
After deflating your Feeding Friend, roll it up and place it inside the storage bad to keep it nice and neat. Ideal for storing inside your baby bag, car or stroller. This makes Feeding Friend portable and very convenient!

Remove Feeding Friend’s cover to wash and clean.
Accidents happen and with Feeding Friend’s removable cover, it’s very easy to clean! Simply unzip, remove and wash the cover by hand.

Instruction on who to inflate your Feeding Friend?
Feeding Friend is really simple and easy to inflate, all you have to do is:

  1. Loosen the drawstring to open the storage bag
  2. Remove the deflated pillow
  3. Open the valve by twisting it to the left
  4. Unroll the Feeding Friend with your hands and allow the pillow to inflate and take its shape (this may take up to 30 seconds)
  5. Once you are happy with firmness, close the valve by pushing down on it slightly whilst and turning it to the right. This will tighten the valve
  6. When the valve can no longer be turned to the right, your pillow is ready to be used

*Please Note: INITIAL INFLATION may take longer. Please pre-inflate Pillow prior to use. This can be done by twisting the valve open and allowing the pillow to inflate over a period of time. Alternatively, cool air can be blown into the valve to allow the pillow to take its complete shape. The pillow will inflate faster with regular use. If valve is not closed, air can escape once pressure is placed onto the pillow, which will affect firmness.

Feeding Friend is proudly 100% Australian Designed and Owned