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postnatal depression

  1. The Warning Signs of PRE-Natal Depression

    The Warning Signs of PRE-Natal Depression

    We hear a lot about postpartum depression, but depression can also take place during pregnancy. In fact, it is almost as common. Here, Dr Dawn Kingston, Canada's leading expert on Perinatal Mental Health explains the warning signs of PRE-NatalDepression. 

    One of the best ways to avoid severe postnatal depression is to receive diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy. But with so many bodily changes and outside demands during pregnancy, how do you know what is and isn’t normal?

    Pregnant women are frequently reassured that the mood swings, anxiety, irritability, mental fog and emotional outburst they’re experiencing are a normal sign of pregnancy. Television sitcoms have always played it for laughs. However, the truth is that prenatal depression occurs in 16 to 20 percent of pregnant women, and it can range from sadness to real dif

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  2. Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Foggy Brain? Is It Postnatal Depletion?

    Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Foggy Brain? Is It Postnatal Depletion?

    “I know I need to exercise but I don’t even have the energy to go for a walk, I feel so tired all the time and I am anxious without any reason,” says Sarah, mum of a happy thriving eight month old. When I visited her, Sarah asked her husband to take notes because her brain was so foggy she could barely stay on track in conversation, let alone remember what we discussed.

    According to Dr Oscar Serrallach, Sarah’s symptoms are typical of a condition he has labeled ‘Postnatal Depletion’. Formerly an emergency medicine doctor, Dr, Serrallach is now a GP in Northern NSW specializing in nutritional and integrative medicine and author of ‘The Postnatal Depletion Cure’. He says, “ a lot of my clients were new mums, they seemed to be really tired and not coping well and initially I thought this was quite normal. But, just because something is common doesn’t ne

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