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  1. Top Recovery Tips For C/Section Mums - From Real Mums.

    Top Recovery Tips For C/Section Mums - From Real Mums.

    However you birth your baby, you need to honour the amazing job you have done growing and bringing your baby into the world. Rest and recovery are a priority.  If you have a C Section, this means major abdominal surgery, so it’s important to get the support you deserve from your loved ones to allow you to rest and snuggle your sweet new baby and establish breastfeeding - this can take a wee bit longer after Csection surgery.   If it’s an option financially, a post-natal doula can be a god-send to support and care for you and your new family. Above all, please be as gentle and kind to yourself as you are to your baby.

    We have asked our Boobie Foods Mums who had Csections for their best tips to

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  2. Your Babymoon Support Team

    Your Babymoon Support Team

    If you haven’t yet had your baby, now is the time to plan beyond a fancy nursery that your baby won’t be moving into just yet anyway and plan for a calm, stress free ‘babymoon’. Think, a babymoon is like a honeymoon for you, your partner and your new baby as you all adjust to this big new world. A huge factor in planning a gentle babymoon for your growing family (whether this is your first baby, or you already have other children), is to create a support team.

    A supportive partner is a huge factor in your breastfeeding success so first up, discuss with your partner how they can support you: taking time off work, censoring visitors, allowing you to rest, feeding you and being positive about breastfeeding – never asking ‘are you sure you have enough milk?’

    Your support circle

    Next, consider your wider support circle: surround yourself with

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  3. Five Ways your Baby Shows he Loves You

    Five Ways your Baby Shows he Loves You

    As you carried your baby in your belly, you dreamed of an instant connection between you – just like the soft focused television ads. He would instantly know you are his mother, the one who will protect him and love him forever and he will love you back. You will be his special person, the one he loves more than anyone else in the whole world.

    Right now, though, it doesn’t feel like that. Of course you love him and feel utterly responsible for him but it’s not like the ads – you feel like a zombie craving sleep, he seems more like a tiny poop machine who cries and squirms and feeds endlessly and all you want is some feedback that your endless hours of nurturing are truly making a difference.

    Your care is helping your baby thrive. It is helping love grow between you and as this bond grows, he will show you in his own special ways that you are the most important person in his world:

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  4. Managing Your Day With a Newborn -Your New Mum Survival Checklist

    Managing Your Day With a Newborn -Your New Mum Survival Checklist
    From new mothers, I often hear comments like: “I can’t even have a shower because I don’t know how long she will sleep for.” Or: “It takes so long to get him to sleep that we start cooking dinner at 9 p.m.” If your baby hasn’t yet been born, these sorts of things may sound ridiculous. However, managing your day around a newborn can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to order and punctuality. See Pinky's new mum survival checklist:
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