I was a new Mum, not getting a lot of sleep but very hesitant to try the 'cry-it-out' methods that were presented to me. My motherly instincts told me there was a kinder way for my baby who seemed to be comforted by my touch and yes, mums milk.

A friend had texted me through a link to a baby sleep event- I think she felt somewhat sorry for my lack of sleep. I'd heard of the name, but not yet had the energy to pick up any of her work so it seemed like the right time. I went along solo (well with bubs by my side), feeling somewhat wired after yet another rough 2-hourly-wakes throughout the night and a bit anxious about how I would keep my baby girl settled for the long car trip and event. As I arrived at pram city, I took a seat up the front ready to get the answers when it came to my wakeful bubba.

I absorbed every word the speaker had to say and so appreciated her 'keeping it real', but loved that she supported a gentle and holistic approach that resonated with how I

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