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3 x Flavour Combo Pack


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30 Boobie Bikkies = 1 x Vanilla Carton, 1 x Orange & Cinnamon Carton, 1 x Coconut, Date & Seed (DF/GF) Carton

Breastfeeding is truly a wonderful gift. You are nourishing your baby with love as you hold, gaze and engage with your little one and you are passing on essential nutrients and immune factors through your precious milk. Our deliciously fresh and moreish Boobie Bikkies® have been crafted from carefully selected natural and organic elements to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby.

Created by the renowned and respected International Lactation Expert – Pinky McKay, alongside a team of health professionals, our biscuits are intentionally made to be as close to nature as possible. That means, no preservatives, no additives and no ‘unhelpful’ factors that may upset your baby (like chocolate). As your baby is exposed to foods through your own breastmilk, with Boobie Bikkies® you can be sure that whilst you are enjoying your richly deserved snack, you are also providing your baby with the purest delight of all.

Please read below for the full ingredient listing and more about why Boobie Bikkies® are your perfect accompaniment while breastfeeding.

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3 x Flavour Combo Pack
3 x Flavour Combo Pack

In stock



    Remember, you cannot fill from an empty cup, so our Boobie Bikkies® are the perfect accompaniment during your breastfeeding journey. Individually sealed for maximum freshness, our bikkies will not only satisfy your appetite, but delight you at this same time, whilst boosting your energy levels and supporting you as you nourish your baby.

    How long do they last?: As our products contain only natural and organic ingredients and contain no preservatives, the shelf life is 6 months. Cookies are individually wrapped to maintain freshness once the pack is opened.


    What are Boobie Bikkies®?

    Boobie Bikkies® are a delicious snack made from natural and organic ingredients that you can easily eat with one hand as you feed your baby.

    Boobie Bikkies® are a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. In cultures around the world, for generations, special foods have been prescribed after birth as an aid to breastfeeding mothers. Pinky McKay has researched these foods and the elements of traditional recipes to create her own special recipe for the modern breastfeeding mother. And, because we now know that everything you eat will be passed to your baby, Boobie Bikkies® are made from all natural and organic ingredients with no GM foods, chemical additives or pesticides passing through your milk. By eating a varied, natural diet while breastfeeding your baby, you can feel confident that you are giving your baby the best nutrition possible. And because our cookies are individually wrapped to maintain freshness and for convenience so you can just grab and go!

    Read more about Boobie Bikkies® Ingredients here: